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The Sport Hradec Cup Endowment Fund, this year with the title Ride and Help - with the Rafkarna pro Sport Hradec Cup, this time invites all large and small cyclists to support handicapped children. Motivate yourself for quality performances together with the ambassadors of the event Lukáš Krpálek, Tomáš Bábek, Daniel Turk, Martin Hosták, Pavel Petřikov a contribute to the Sport Hradec Cup endowment fund to help families of handicapped children.


So far, 2 families have been selected for this year's Sport Hradec Cup, which we will support together. You can read the stories of Jiřík and Natálka below.

"The aim of this traditional charity event is to motivate yourself to quality performances, do something for your health and at the same time contribute to the Sport Hradec Cup endowment fund. Together, we will help help the families of Natálka and Jiřík, who are struggling with their difficult life destiny. "

Michael Nebeský (founder of the Sport Hradec Cup Foundation)
Jiřík Reif
22 let
Hradec Králové
Natálka Hošková
4 years
Hradec Králové


1) Register in the link below, where you enter how many crowns to donate for each kilometer traveled / elapsed (for example, 200 km x CZK 2,5 = CZK 500). Entire families, teams, businesses and mileage can also register. It is possible to log in and start counting kilometers at any time during the event. We start on April 1.


2) Within 3 working days after registration, you will receive a package in the mail with your start number, sticker and thank you letter. You get it from us for free.


3) Do sports, record kilometers and spread the idea (for example, photos with a start number).


4) Finally, you will receive an email to fill out the form for the mileage and the amount donated. We end on May 31st.


You make the movement for yourself and with money you will help those who need your help. Mileage, mileage or otherwise sported kilometers are the motivation for you. The donation coefficient per kilometer is purely motivating and is not binding in any way. Everything is based on the principle of "I do it for myself and help others".



You send the money to the endowment fund's account Sport Hradec Cup, which will then pass them on to the supported families at the traditional football tournament, which gave rise to the whole charitable idea. Every supporter can participate in this tournament as a spectator or even a participant. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet personally the families and children that you have supported with your sports performances and money.


This year's football tournament is tentatively scheduled for June 26!



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Ambassadors Ride and help

Lukáš Krpálek
Olympic judo winner
start number 1
Tomáš Bábek
World vice-champion on the track
start number 4
Pavel Petřikov
U23 European Champion in judo
start number 24
Daniel Turek
Champion of the Czech Republic E-cycling 2021
start number 93
Martin Hosták
Hockey commentator
start number 11
René Vydarený
Vice hockey world champion
start number 81
Peter Frühauf
Representative of the Slovak Republic in hockey
start number 7
Pavel Krmaš
Bundesliga football player
start number 2
professional team
start number 111
Rafkarna IDEA Cycling team
amateur team
start number 46

SportHradecCup timeline big

    • 2009

      The emergence of a charitable idea

    • Introductory year of SHC - 9100 CZK

    • 2012

      Over CZK 100 collected in the first three years

    • 2013

      Our help goes to the first 10 families

    • 2015

      Totally already handed over
      CZK 1

    • 2018

      The idea officially becomes an endowment fund

    • 2019

      We are launching an online auction system

    • Personal participation of NHL players

    • 2020

      Totally handed over
      6 CZK for 015 families

      with Rafkarna!