I have been cooperating with Rafkarna for several years and when I was given the opportunity to try this novelty - wheels with carbon "wires" and ceramic bearings for that, I couldn't wait. So that's a challenge. After the agreement, we chose a rim height of 45 mm and it was the right choice, it went perfectly. To test what will last, I chose the route both on the road and a bit in the terrain, so I put on cross tires. The bikes were very stiff, but at the same time very comfortable, although I changed the surfaces when I rode during training both on the road and on frozen ground or even in the snow.

Svaťa Božák (ultramarathoner)

When I finished using MAVIC Ksyrium Elite S aluminum wheels, I was looking for a replacement. As a hobby cyclist who uses the bike mainly for transport to work, 30 km back in the morning and back in the afternoon, and some weekend trip, I was hesitant whether it would pay off for my carbon bikes, also given the purchase price. But I decided and bought IDEA ROAD CALOBRA bikes from the web www.rafkarna.cz. I didn't regret it for a minute and I already know that it paid off for me. The travel speed to work increased by 20% with the same emotional load and the trip from Rožnov to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm by a shortcut through Pustevny was one great comfort, both climbing up and going down.


Ivo Rychlý

Ciao ragazzi, I would like to share with you my experience with this gem. When I first saw this scooter I immediately fell in love. I decided to buy it and I must say that in reality it looks even better than in the photo. A gem like a Ferrari! From the first moment I first set out, it was clear that I had reached a completely different level of speed.


Mirco Cerantola

When I first saw the IDEA S1 racing frame, I knew I would have to buy it. I was very surprised to learn that this is a Czech production company www.rafkarna.cz not far from my city. The original Kickbike frame is not heavy, but the first impression of the IDEA S1 scooter with a weight of less than 5 kg was stunning. I wasn't sure if such a lightweight construction would be stable at higher speeds at the same time, but I was clear right after the first ride. With each bounce, the IDEA S1 accelerates very vividly and at the same time it is easy to maintain a stable speed.


Rafal Smialkowski (Poland)