We are taking 4 titles from the Amateur Championships in Vimperk!

We are taking 4 titles from the Amateur Championships in Vimperk!

In this year's specific season, the amateur championship belonged to one of the highlights of this season. For Honza Hrstka, the time trial was a sharp test before the approaching MČR ELITE in the individual time trial, in which it passed with excellent results. He defended last year's title and thus confirmed his quality form this season. We also wanted to get a title for our team in the road race, which we succeeded in thanks to Ondřej Rybín. In the next age category, he left no one in doubt Honza Bryxi and by winning the title in the time trial and road race he showed absolute dominance in his category.

Jiří Brázdil (team coach)


idea S1 road cycle


In the individual time trial, Honza Hrstek and Joshua Davies were among our greatest medal hopes. Honza confirmed his dominance in time trials and defended last year's title. Josh rejoined the form from the last races and finished Honza in third place on the podium. Olda Novotný from CT Weber got among our fighters. 

Honza Bryxi showed a complete advantage in his category, winning with a clear victory in the category over 50 years. In other categories, Martin Klícha took 8th place and Michal Šmahel took 15th place.


team road photo 3


We entered the road criterion with the aim of completing a collection of titles. After the team performance, Ondřej Rybín won the title with an overview, and in other categories, David Gotthard (6th place) and Tomáš Mužík (7th place) placed just below the podium. 

In the 50-year category, Honza Bryxi rode his own race again and won the fourth title for our team.


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